Flying with colds, flu, or sinus issues.

Flying with colds, flu, or sinus issues.

Congestion, ear pain, misery. 29 Tips for Flying with a cold/flu

Photo: Seattle-Reykjavik Business Trip with cold

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Toilet issues: practical solutions

Toilet Issues

We all poop and use the loo.

Sometimes there are issues...

Travel well despite constipation, diarrhea, IBD, incontinence, disabilities, etc.

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That will never happen to me! Medical needs when traveling

Unexpected illness or injury

Nobody ever plans illness or injury in travel- who can you call?

Service: MedJetAssist is our family's ride home!

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Exhaustion, Jet Lag, Sleep

Exhaustion, Jet Lag, & Sleep

Realities of life on the Go

Photo: World Tour-Fiji Airport- exhausted!

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Beach Issues: (sun, water, jellyfish, etc.) Bring vinegar!

Travel Issue: Jellyfish sting

Apply vinegar to reduce jellyfish sting effects!

Photo: My (7yo) son's Jellyfish sting

Thailand beach

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Children flying with disabilities find comfort in MERU\'s TravelChair!

Disabilities? Fly with MERU TravelChair

Lightweight, full support chair fits in overhead! Photo: MERU's TravelChair

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Traveling well with kids requires preparation for all. Enjoy family travel! for Traveling Families!

5 continents/32 countries/+ Around-the-World tour We understand family travel!

Photo: My world-traveling son (3yo) Southwest Airlines

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Want to ENJOY travel? (despite stinky planes, PMS, crying kids, constipation, illness, diabetes, disability, fatigue, etc.)

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Value travel? Connect with us:
Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. – Roy Goodman
"Life" happens, even in paradise. Adapt ~ ENJOY travel!

My cancer patients taught me to LIVE life. Practical solutions enable us to ENJOY the journey (of travel and life) despite bumpy roads. Stop saying "Someday"...

We are happy to be sales agents and members of Clowers, RN
It's tough to enjoy travel when not feeling well...

As a comfort specialist, nurse consultant, and world traveler, my passion is identifying practical comfort for travelers.

I am proud to provide peace of mind for travelers as an Authorized Sales Agent of MedJetAssist.

Featured Products Improving Quality of Life and Travel
1lb. FAA Approved CARES Harness for Air Travel Kids 22-44lbs. FAA Approved 1lb. Air Travel Restraint: CARES Harness
CeraLyte oral rehydration solution preventing dehydration after diarrhea or sweatingPrevent dehydration (fever, diarrhea, sweat): CeraLyte
When you need to pee or vomit... Johnny on the Go is the portable no-smell-no-spill-solution.No-spill, no-odor pee/vomit solution: JohnnyOnTheGo
No more dead batteries! Portable battery charger: Scosche goBat IIPortable battery charger: Scosche goBat II
Poo~Pourri Toilet Spray really works! JetWithComfort.comEliminate toilet odor: Poo~Pourri Toilet Spray
Dopper reusable water bottle and cup.Reusable water bottle and cup: Dopper
Chewable BioGaia Probiotics may help tummies deal with gas and travel GI issues.Chewable probiotics for tummy issues: BioGaia
Is your product worth packing? We want to hear about it!Is your Product Worth Packing? Tell us about it!
Travel Blog Posts

After our amazing 8+ month around-the-world tour, our travel blog is overflowing with practical info!

  • 29 practical tips when flying with the misery of a cold, allergies, or sinus issues

    I was M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.  My head was pounding, my sinuses were congested, my eyes hurt, and random liquid would grossly run out of my mostly stuffed up nose when I least expected it. What started out as a bit of congestion in California the morning of …

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  • 7 reasons travelers leave home without medical evacuation coverage

    Why would a healthy traveler need medical evacuation coverage when not traveling to some exotic, dangerous location? Isn’t medical evacuation coverage only for third world countries, sick people, or war-torn evacuation type situations? Here are 7 misconceptions travelers have about this important service. 1. Travelers …

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  • Passionate about practical products!

    I am passionate about products that really make a difference for travelers.  The first product I became passionate about was the 1lb. FAA Approved CARES harness that eliminated the need for me to haul a 20+lb. car seat through airports and onto airplanes. No more …

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  • Toilet Issues (Pooping, Gas, and Odors)

    Everyone poops. Sometimes there are issues – especially when traveling. Stinky odors, noises of plopping poop, or explosive gases may not only be embarrassing for travelers, they may negatively affect the experience of those sharing hotel, dorm, office, or public toilets and airplane cabin lavatories. Sometimes the …

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